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Im sorry, but we do not have an ordering system in place.  Please phone us on 09-845 3249 if you would like to place a phone order and you live in the Western Central suburbs of Auckland.

Vege Boxes available to the value of $25, $30 or $40. You can add to your order any other goods you require such as drinks, breads, milk, sauces, pastas, cakes, biscuits, grains, pulses, macrobiotic or deli food.

Would like to find out more on animal welfare in New Zealand

Would like to know how you can make a difference to the life of a NZ Battery Hen?
BUY FREE RANGE EGGS and ask your favourite eatery if they could be supplied with FREE RANGE EGGS AND BACON. Congradulations to Mt Albert's Trinity of Silver for doing this

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